Dienstag, 30. April 2013

A NIGHT WITH BEER (70 Songs about Beer)

Eine genreübergreifende unzensierte Playlist
für einen Abend mit guten Freunden und BIER. Prost!

A cross-genre
uncensored playlist for an evening with good friends and BEER.
WARNING:  For some songs you have to drink faster! Cheers!

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70 tracks with a total playing time of 3:39:21

Drink Beer (Till The Day That I Die) / Dazie Mae
The Man Who Loved Beer / Lambchop

Crystal clear (beer) / Beck
A Six Pack To Go / Hank Thompson

Drink! / They Might Be Giants

Beer For Breakfast / The Replacements
Ode to my favorite beer / DC Basehead

Cheap Beer / FIDLAR

A Car A Beer Cigarettes / Talking To Turtles
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer / John Lee Hooker

There's a tear in my beer / Hank Williams
Drink to me / Johnny Cash
Drunken Lazy Bastard / The Mahones

Alcohol / Barenaked Ladies
You said you wouldn't get drunk Patricia / John Carroll
Too drunk to fuck / Nouvelle Vague

Seven Drunken Nights / The Dubliners
Alcohol / The Kinks

If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me / George Jones
How's My Drinking? / Guided By Voices
All i wanna do / Sheryl Crow
Six Pack Girls / NoFX
Let's All Go To The Bar / Deer Tick

Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls / Siberian
A Kegga Beer And Potato Chips / Red Elvises

Beer / Psychostick
Drink Beer Polka / Leningrad Cowboys
Cold Beer And Remote Controll / Indigo Girls
Titties And Beer / Frank Zappa
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers / ZZ Top

Warm Beer And Cold Women / Tom Waits

Beer! Football! Girls! / The Alcobastards
I drink beer / Dan Reeder

Save Water, Drink Beer / Chris Young

Drink Your Beer / 'Stone Cold'' Steve Austin
Bottle Of Beer / Mungo Jerry
Beer Run / Garth Brooks
I wish my beer was as cold as you … / The Drills

Another Beer / Ugly Kid Joe
Beer bottle up / Afroman
If a beer bottle had a nipple / Charlie Adams
Cold Beer Drinker / Luke Bryan
Pretty good at drinkin' beer / Billy Currington

Six-Pack Summer / Phil Vassar
Gimme a pigfoot (and a bottle of beer) / Billy Holliday
Cold Beer / Colt Ford Ft. Jamey Johnson
A Pint A Day / Woolfy
Roadhouse Blues / The Doors
Gimme a beer / Diamond Rugs

Beercan / Beck

Beer Thirty / Brooks & Dunn
My girlfriend's an alcoholic / Bowling for Soup
Who Spilt My Beer? / Adicts, The

I Like Beer / Tom T. Hall
The Pub / The Tossers
Budweiser's a Friend of Mine / Billy Murray
Pilsner Urquell / Tri Sestry

I gotta get drunk / Willie Nelson
Two six packs away / Dave Dudley
Wasted days and wasted nights / Freddy Fender
Drunk man / Eddie Harris

Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer / Johnny Russell
Tonight the bottle Iet me down / Merle Haggard
Beer For My Horses / Toby Keith

Pints of guiness make you strong / Againts Me!
The Guiness Song / Subzero
Beer, beer, beer / The Clancy Brothers

Six pack / Black Flag

One Beer / MF DOOM
Sixpack / Tortoise

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